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We Are Prepared: The Villas Difference

Evolving Regional COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines

Please contact your local community to see how our policies might differ in your area.

The Villas of Holly Brook and Reflections Memory Care has prepared our communities with sound practices and procedures to provide the safest possible environment for our residents, staff, and guests.  We continue to adapt to each state’s current guidance to manage and mitigate COVID-19 within our communities.   Many states and regions are adopting measures to better manage our efforts as we all attempt to keep COVID-19 cases and spread to a minimum across the county. 

The State of Illinois (and counties) are adopting a “phased” tier system based on local cases and spread within the geographic area as well as senior care communities.  These “phases” allow our communities to fluctuate between more or less restrictive protocols to preserve the safety and well-being of our seniors.

The positive outcome overall is our communities will be able to provide a less restrictive environment and a more life enriching experience.  Under certain phases, families, friends and children can now also visit residents.  Group activities and hair salons may also be available.

We are very excited to work with our local and state health departments to provide these opportunities to our residents!  Due to the vast complexity and requirements on multiple levels we encourage you to contact your local Villas of Holly Brook or Reflections Memory Care community for more up to date and specific information!

Below we have displayed the most recent guidelines for your review and ask that you familiarize  yourself to these current requirements.  We will continue to evolve to balance safety and well-being while maximizing each resident’s independence, and lifestyle.

Visitor Guidelines

Preparing for your visit:

  1. Hours of visitation will be determined per Community.
  2. Type of visit, whether indoor or outdoor, will be determined by factors set by state and local agencies. Please check with local Community for specific options.
  3. Only two visitors at a time per resident.
    1. Children will be allowed to visit if all parties can assure the 6-foot distance can be maintained.
    2. Exceptions to the two-visitor rule may be accepted for members of the same household, please notify the scheduler when you schedule your visit.
  4. Visits will be scheduled to ensure availability of space.
  5. All visitors and residents must wear face coverings during the entire visit.

Scheduling your visit:

  1. Visitors must schedule an appointment with the Community.
    1. Please designate where the visit will be held (outdoors, resident apartment or common area).
  2. Within 24 hours of the visit, visitors will receive a phone call from the Community to go over the CDC symptoms checklist.
    1. Visitors displaying symptoms should not visit the Community.

Arrival at Community:

  1. Visitors must check in at the front desk upon arrival for the visit.
    1. Visitors must use proper hand hygiene upon arrival, hand sanitizer will be available at the front desk.
    2. Visitors will be required to complete a temperature check and another symptoms screening with staff.
  2. A dedicated route will be utilized to travel to and from the visitation area.

Enjoy your Visit:

  1. Visitors must maintain a 6-foot distance during the visit, meaning no physical contact such as hugging, shaking hands, etc.
  2. All visitors and residents must wear face coverings during the entire visit.
  3. Visits may be monitored at least intermittently by staff to ensure compliance with face coverings and safe distances.

After Visit:

Please notify the Community if you develop symptoms of COVID within 3 days after visiting.

Beauty Salons and Barber Shops

  • Salons may provide services for residents who are not in isolation or quarantine due to know or suspected COVID-19 infection or exposure.
  • The beautician or barber will be subject to the same infection control requirements as staff, including:
    • Health screening.
    • Wearing face mask; performing hand hygiene; and maintaining 6-feet social distance except from resident receiving services.
    • Testing for COVID-19 may be required if the Community has a confirmed positive case.
  • Beautician or barber must remain in the salon area throughout their time in the community.
  • Beautician or barber services may not be performed in individual apartments or common areas.
  • Beautician or barber may not use hand-held blow dryers.
  • Beautician or barber will display signage at entry with face covering requirements.